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Catholicism Does Not Support Cucks and The Super Woman

In the following clip, Bishop Robert Barron, discusses how today’s Jewish culture has made White men stupid and the average female a superhero.

Jett and Jahn Back on Twitter

Jett here – I’m back on twitter be sure to follow me at @JettRink88

Until the tighten up some work issues, I will be posting most of the new JNJ content on twitter for now,

Quick Blerb on 9/11

Firstly, I have taken time off Jett and Jahn, persued a  job in international relations, got a girlfriend, and am working on building a good white family.
The Jett’s been busy, but I will be back. The site will… Continue reading

Duck Dynasty Star Phil Robertson Bashes Gays

Robertson Believes Homosexuality Is Root Of Modern Evil


Earlier this year, Duck Dynasty became the most-watched reality television show in history when 11.8 million tuned into the fourth season premier episode.

The show follows the Robertson family while they operate… Continue reading

The Irish Origin Of August

How Lughnasadh Became Feast of Saint Peter In Chains

Irish High King Lugh

Irish High King Lugh

The month of August is widely recognized as the last of summer.

Each year, people celebrate the warmth for one more month before fall begins.

However, what… Continue reading

List of Israeli Dual Citizens in American Government

List of Jewish criminal parasites in American Government:

Michael Mukasey: United States Attorney General (2007-2009)
Michael Chertoff: Secretary of Homeland Security (2005-2009)
Richard Perle: Chairman Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board (2001-2003)
Paul Wolfowitz: Deputy Defense Secretary (2001-2005)
Douglas Feith: Under… Continue reading

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